Registrace CZ EN


Vladimír Dlouhý

Czech Chamber of Commerce

Vladimír Dlouhý is a president of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, the most significant representative of a business sphere, comprised of 15 000 members, since 2014. Between 1990 and 1997, he served as a Minister of Economy of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic and subsequently as a Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, where he was responsible for major economic reforms and price liberalization. Vladimír Dlouhý was also a member of the Independent Energy Commission, where he participated in the preparation of the long-term energy concept of the Czech Republic. He is currently an international advisor to Goldman Sachs Investment Bank.

Daniel Beneš

Chairman of the Board of Directors
ČEZ, a.s.

Daniel Beneš is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEZ, a.s. since September 2011, and also represents it in the bodies of the controlled companies. He is also the acting Vice President of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and holder of the prestigious award Manager of the Year 2014. In previous years, he was the director of Tchas, a leading importer and trader of fuel in the Czech Republic, and also the Head of Sales at Bohemiacoal and the director of the Hedviga Group. Daniel Beneš is very active in negotiations on a new energy policy of the EU, and discusses a possible division of CEZ in connection with nuclear power plant construction.

Vladimír Outrata

Chairman of ERO Board
Energy Regulatory Office of the Czech Republic

Vladimír Outrata was appointed Chairman of the Council of the Energy Regulatory Office last year, where he served as Deputy Chairman for Regulatory Affairs since July 2016. In the course of his 30 years of experience in the gas industry, he worked at various career positions in Plynoprojekt and Transgas. He also worked for Severočeská plynárenská as a member of the Board of Directors of Plynoprojekt, as a member of the Board of Directors of Gas Infrastructure Europe (2006-2011) and a member of the Board of Directors of Entsog (2009-2013). He has years of experience both in the field of conception of network construction, compressor stations and underground reservoirs, as well as in the field of gas trade and transport.

Bernhard Beck

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

Bernhard Beck is a member of the Board of Management of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG since October 2002. EnBW is one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe, with a workforce of around 20 000 employees, supplying electricity, gas, water and energy-related products and services to 5.5 million customers and in the Czech Republic particularly known as a holder of 70% of PRE, a.s. shares. In previous year, he worked as Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Management, Head of Personnel and Social Affairs and Head of Legal Affairs and Insurance at various companies within the EnBW Group. Bernhard Beck was also employed in the legal department of Robert Bosch GmbH with focus on antitrust law and international cooperation.

Tomáš Varcop

innogy Energie, s.r.o.

Tomas Varcop has been the CEO of innogy Energie since December 2013, which mainly supplies gas and electricity to approximately 1.7 million customers, as well as other services such as rental of LED bulbs or smoke and CO detectors and home insurance. From 2012 to 2016, he was also a member of the Board of Directors of innogy Czech Republic, where he also held a role of CCO with responsibility for business activities of the innogy group in the Czech Republic. Previously he was a member of the Board of Directors and Director of the Sales and Sales Division at ZSE Energia, as well as a senior manager at Accenture.

Radoslav Haluška

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s.

Radoslav Haluška is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Východoslovenská distribučná of the Innogy Group. He has been working in the VSE Holding group since 2005, both in executive management and in the boards of companies within the group. Between 1997 and 2004, he worked at various technical and managerial positions in the ABB Group. Radoslav Haluška has many years of experience from a private sector in areas of automation and management of a power grid.

Milan Hampl

Chairman of the Board of Directors
PREdistribuce, a.s.

Milan Hampl has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of PREdistribuce since 2006. Since the same year, he has also been Chairman of the Board of Directors of a subsidiary PREměření and since 2011 a member of its Supervisory Board. He has been working in the group since 1987, initially as an operational and regional network planning and development engineer, later as a Grid Manager and a Head of Asset Management. Among others, Milan Hampl is responsible for the management, operation, service, planning and development of the power grid in the capital city of Prague, with emphasis on the development of the intelligent urban infrastructure - from smart grids through electromobility to connecting multifunctional devices to a low voltage grid.

Kamil Čermák

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director
ČEZ ESCO, a.s.

Kamil Čermák was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of CEZ ESCO in May 2016. He was also the first CEO of CEZ Poland, where he actively participated in the CEZ Group's entry into the Polish market and the acquisition of the Skawina and Elcho power plants, and in CEZ he also served as CEO of ČEZnet and ČEZ ICT Services. Previously, he held the role of General Manager of media publisher Economia and Executive Director of Business and Marketing at Czech Airlines. He also worked in Český Telecom, Forum Karlín, Luxury Brand Management, Asental NV and the PA TelSource Consortium, and was also a spokesman and advisor to the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. Kamil Čermák is also President of the Czech Institute of Directors and a member of the Advisory Board of the President of the ICT Union for Smart Cities.

Pavel Šolc

Member of the Board of Directors
ČEZ Distribuce, a.s.

Pavel Šolc is a member of the Board of Directors of ČEZ Distribuce and the Director of the Division of Distribution Assets Management since April 2016. He has previously worked as Head of a department within the Strategy section. In the past, he also worked in ČEPS, where he devoted himself to the creation and development of new market mechanisms (support services, transmission services, capacity auctions) and later to the strategy of the company. He also served as Chief of the Minister of Industry and Trade, then as Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade for Energy and Industry and Deputy Chairman of the Government Council for Raw Materials and Energy Policy. Under his leadership, the State Energy Concept and the follow-up National Action Plans (Energy Savings, Nuclear Energy, Renewable Sources, Smart Networks) were completed.

Jozef Regec

Executive Director
Smart City Cluster

Jozef Regec has been Chief Executive Officer of Smart City Cluster since January 2017. Smart City Cluster vision is to become a national communication platform between companies, government, self-government, knowledge institutions and city inhabitants for Smart City development in the Czech Republic. Jozef Regec is a successful Czechoslovak cyclist and Olympic representative and was also a member of the Czech Olympic Committee. In the years 2010 - 2016 he held the position of Senator of the Parliament and from 2014 he also served as advisor to the President of the Czech Republic for sport.

Karel Šimeček

Association of Large Energy Consumers

Karel Šimeček has been working as Executive Secretary of the Association of Large Energy Consumers since 2016, where he served as Chairman of the Board between 1999 and 2015, along with being Vice President of the Association of Energy Managers. Previously, he worked for Precheza for 40 years, initially in middle management positions, then as Production Manager (7 years), Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer (15 years). From 1996 to 2016, he was also Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kemifloc. In addition, he was a member of OTE's Supervisory Board in 2008-2012.

Jiří Plešek

Committee on Energy of the CAS

Jiří Plešek is the Chairman of the Committee on Energy of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) since its establishment in October 2015. This committee acts as an advisory board for the President,the Academy Council, and the coordinators of the research programmes of the CAS. In particular, it deals with general headings of the Czech power industries in relation to nuclear power, distributed energy resources (DER) and energy storage. Jiří Plešek is the director of the Institute of Thermomechanics of the CAS, where he had been working since 1997, later becoming its director in 2013. In the 1990s, he founded a private company focused on computational analyses, such as temperature, stress and seismic assessments of nuclear power plant components.

Jiří Feist

Member of the Board of Directors
EP Power Europe, CSO.

Jiří Feist is a member of the Board of Directors and Chief Strategy Officer of EP Power Europe, represents the EPH Group in other statutory bodies in Group companies. In his previous roles, Mr. Feist was a Strategy and Business Development Director at ČEZ Group and Chief Strategy Officer at ČEPS. During his thirty years’ practice in the power energy sector he also served on various positions at Associations as are Eurelectric, UCTE, CENTREL, District Heating and Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and he worked on many international projects.

Christian Baer

Secretary General

Christian Baer serves as the Secretary General of Europex, the Association of European Energy Exchanges, since August 2015. In this capacity, he represents 27 member companies on EU-related energy, climate and financial services policy matters vis-à-vis the European institutions and other relevant stakeholders. He is a member of various stakeholder committees and advisory boards. Previously, he has worked with EEX, the European Energy Exchange (2011-2015) and Areva (2009-2010).

Pavel Švagr

Administration of State Material Reserves of the Czech Republic

Since February 2014, Pavel Švagr has been the Chairman of the State Material Reserves Administration, the central body of state administration in areas of economic measures for crises and state material reserves. Since his appointment, he has particularly focused on increase of transparency and efficiency of operations of the institution. Previously he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Czech Railways, Deputy Minister of Economy in the Railway Network in the Czech Republic, Director of the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure and also adviser to the Minister for Regional Development.

David Kučera

Secretary General
Power Exchange Central Europe, a.s.

David Kučera is a Secretary General of the energy stock exchange Power Exchange Central Europe, Prague-based centre of competence for the Central and Eastern European power markets, since 2007. Furthermore, he has been a member of the stock chamber of Prague Stock Exchange since 2009. In the past, he worked for a Swiss company Entrade, AG, among others as CFO and a member of the Board. David also gained experience in the financial sector while working in Patria Finance in the Corporate Finance department.

Marek Paál

Director of distribution services
SPP - distribúcia, a.s.

Marek Paál is a Director of distribution services since 2009, where he is responsible for connecting customers to the distribution network, marketing and sales to gas suppliers. In the past, he worked in the trade company Interal. Since 2004, he has been working as the Director of Distribution Capacities Sales Section. In 2006, he participated in the process of legal unbundling of SPP into three separate companies and led the project for implementation of the distribution information system for liberalized gas trading.

Marian Kapec

Member of the Board of Directors
Západoslovenská distribučná, a.s.

Marian Kapec is a Member of the Board of Directors in Západoslovenská distribučná, which ensures electricity distribution for 1.1 million customers, since 2012. Furthermore, he works as CFO, since 2014. Západoslovenská distribučná is a member of ZSE Group, where Marian has acted since 2006. In the past, he worked in telecommunications sector with focus on regulatory management and controlling.

Marc Crauwels

Vice-president utility sales
REstore BV

Marc Crauwels is a vice-president utility sales, REstore BV, which specialized on the delivery of advanced automated Demand Response. He started building his career in the financial services industry, later on specialized in the energy and utilities space predominantly focusing on billing and meter data management solutions. At the same time, he has been involved in portfolio management, asset management and asset valorization for the larger global utilities companies. He has an extensive background in deploying products for the energy and utilities industry.

Jaromír Novák

Chairman of the Council
Czech Telecommunication Office

Jaromír Novák is a member of the Council of the Czech Telecommunication Office (CTO) since October 2012. In May 2013, he was appointed as a Member of the Council of CTO. He started his career at the Ministry of Informatics and after the abolition of this Ministry he served at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, where he later held the position of Director of the Electronic Communications Department and subsequently Section Director of the Digital Economy. He actively participated in the negotiation of “The Telecoms Package” during the Czech Presidency of the EU Council in the 2009 and he was a member of the team for implementation of the new regulatory framework into the Czech national law.

Tomáš Hüner

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Tomáš Hüner is the Minister of Industry and Trade since December 2017. In the past, he worked in Siemens, as the CEO of Severomoravská energetika and also as a manager in ČEZ. Between 2006 and 2011, he works as Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, where he participated on the State Energy Policy. As the Minister, he will have to decide among others about the financing of the new block construction in the Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany.